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Hello friends, today in this article I am going to share with you some best reasoning book for UPSC i.e for CSAT paper 2 asked in IAS prelims examination.

If you are preparing for UPSC and want to become an IAS officer then you might know that there are two stages in IAS examination these are Prelims and Mains.


In prelims examination, you will have two papers of 200 marks each. This prelims examination is qualifying in nature and thus marks scored by you in prelims examination will not be considered for final merit list.

After qualifying this prelims examination you can appear for the mains examination. The mains examination contains seven papers and an interview.

Following are some best reasoning book for UPSC :

The above three books are the best reasoning books for UPSC. Reasoning questions are asked in Paper II of prelims examination. You have to score a minimum of 33 percent marks i.e 66 marks out of 200 in this paper.

By following the above three books you can easily clear the minimum qualifying marks for Paper II.

You should keep it in your mind that Paper II is qualifying in nature and your selection for mains examination will be based on your marks scored in Paper I. So, don't waste your time by following so many books for this paper. These three above mentioned books are more than sufficient.

Tips to score high in CSAT paper II:

  • Map your studies in a way that saves enough time for the revision. Revise everything twice before the exam.
  • Having a strong command on the basic subject is better than knowing the whole subject. So, strong your basics.
  • Candidates ignore preliminary examinations because questions are purposeful in nature but questions are difficult and the purpose of each question is to examine the students' knowledge in depth, and therefore equal importance should be given to the prelims examination.
  • Resolving the question papers of previous years reduces the probability of errors in exams and increases accuracy and speed. So, solve previous year papers.
  • When the candidates wrestle over time, the notes help to modify the concepts quickly; Therefore, it is advisable to create notes on topics that are difficult for you. Creating notes helps you remember things better.
  • Getting the information well about Syllabus is the first step for systematic preparation. It provides the right direction for your preparation and helps you cover relevant topics.
  • Do not read any new topics before the exam.
  • Take good sleep on the eve of the examination and do not go through any book.
  • Note that self-confidence is the key to success in any exam, so pay more attention to confidence and do not panic during the examination.
I hope you like the above-mentioned tips and best reasoning book for UPSC exam. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me by commenting below. If you like this article, share this with your friends. All the best for your examination.

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Reasoning Books for UPSC

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